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hey people. I'm new. I have been listening to gob for about 2 years after my friends introduced me to them. and i have been addicted to their music ever since.
I dont have any major stories about any of their concerts i have been to since I am too cheap to go out and buy tickets for any kinda concert. i have only had one big gob thing happen to me and it was tragic (besides the fact that they went on tour with Avril)
Last summer my radio station was at the mall and a whole bunch of my friends and i went to go and check it out. they had a whole bunch of contest going on so i signed up for a 100 doller gift certificate to go shopping i guess i sighned up to win a GOB skate board also. But i didnt know. that stupid fagot didnt tell me when she was suppsoed to. ok well any ways my friend was there when they called the name for it. and they happnd to call out my name! an i was gone shopping so i missed it couse the person didnt tell me to stay and see if i got called! and now i didnt end up with the skate board. pluse it was sighned by the band GOB along with concert tickets to see them live from a concert hosted by my radio station! i was so mad! and instead some old dude got my stuff! errr. that made me so mad. u would think they would call u instead or something on the phone.

yes there is my tragic story. o well im over it now. but every now and then it still gets me ticked...
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