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"Get in, give us your money, and get the fuck out."

We live in a GO GO GO kinda of world. Get there an hour early and then get indignant when we have to wait. Everyone is always in a rush to get where or what they want. There's no patience, there's no sitting back and waiting anymore. It's all about faster cars, faster internet, faster food and we all expect it cheap, cheap, cheap.

I work in a place where we have a competition between other employees with the same job title. Whoever's the fastes at the end of the week gets a prize. Who ever has most improved gets a prize ..... It's all about making us the fastest. Get in, give us your money, and get the fuck out.

Driving to and from work the past month or so I've come to notice how much more traffic there is on the raod. There's now more people rushing, there's more people fighting to be first in line, there's just more people everywhere I turn. When I look at the state of people's driving it 9 times out of 10 isn't up to driving standards. [I know, I shouldn't critisize, but just let me finish] People run red lights, b/c they don't want to sit and wait the 2.5 minutes it will take for other people to pass by eachother infront of them. People can't make it through crosswalks without someone cutting infront of them or inching their vehicle closer and closer to intimidate them to walk faster. Even the crosswalk lights aren't long enough for someone of senior status to make it accross without the light changing on them. Which then leads to people getting anxious at them b/c they are taking up their 'it's my turn to go!' time.

Okay, so I can't judge all people who drive fast. There are some people who drive fast just b/c it's fun. I happen to be one of those people. It's for the rush, not b/c there's a '2% off everything in the store' sale at Ikea that I just can't miss b/c heaven forbid I NOT buy more useless things for my already crowded house.

As I am sitting here typing this, the garbage men just came through my co-op. They came and went in less than a minute. Having left pieces of garbage all over the ground. Things that didn't make it into the truck. I guess the 30 seconds it would have taken them to pick it up would have been out of the question. That 30 seconds cuts into their time of leaving garabge all over the ground in someone elses front yard.

I wish society would just let people sit back and take a look around. To stop and think about what I just said there ...... I don't know if it's entirely society's fault. I think to blame society is just an easy way out. We can choose to shut up for a minute and just look around. To take a walk and enjoy the beauty the world has to offer. b/c I do it. I sit and look out my window at all the trees and birds that fly past my window here. I even watch the crows as they tear up our garbage looking for something to eat as we have purched ourselves on what they would originally called their home 200 years ago. Back to what the point I was tryig to make before I got sidetracked ... Sure society plays some part in our fast paced lives, infuencing us into this GO GO GO way of life. But we have to have some control over it all. There has to be a point where we say 'I've had enough' and just sit back, and watch the world go by.

I strongly urge any of you to just take a day and forget about how little money you have, stop worrying about school, work or the divorce. [<~ If your parents are too stupid to grow up and realize they are acting like petty 12 year old children, then let then ruin their own lives. You ARE strong enough to stay out. You just have to allow yourself to realize that.] Take a walk. Actually do as the saying says: Stop and smell the roses. LIfe is too short to be GO GO GO and NOW NOW NOW. Put down the 'dicks, grab an apple and sit out side.

Do nothing and enjoy it.
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