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Rubbish ... Complete Rubbish.

So at work the other day, it was extremely slow. And I was looking at one of the magazines infront of me. YM to be exact. And you know what one of the headlines was? In bright pink letters it said:


Now, what the hell kind of question is that? Does your life suck? I want to write to the "author" of that article and ask them to please define that statment. There are many things in the world that, yes, do suck! But how can you possibly define life as 'suck'? It's not possible! And if one was to say "YES! MY LIFE DOES SUCK!" What the hell is YM gonna tell you that's going too fix that? "Buy some new shoes" or "Put on a little rouge and that guy might notice you and then maybe you'll feel better."

Magazines and the media are so bent on 'improving life' but they never really give you usefull advice, now do they? They just fill your mind with rubbish. Complete rubbish. It's all about looking better which in turn will make you feel better. Bullshit. You turn the page from the 'self-help' article and it's a whore who got paid way to much damn money to pose in the littlest possible amount of clothing that just makes you feel ugly again. Which in turn makes you feel bad about yourself. Which defeats the whole purpose of reading that article.

So what's the point? Why bother spending alomst $10 of your hard earned money just to be right back where you started from? You could have bought someone you love something they wanted but couldn't afford. You could have given it to a poor person who didn't have anything. You could have bought a CD that supported a band trying so desperately to get themselves up and out of their rut.

It all comes back to what is it that makes you happy? Because somehow it does affect someone else's happiness.

You don't need some fancy-shmancy "writer" in New York to tell you what is right and what is wrong in the world of happiness. So what if you don't own 20 pairs of shoes? So what if you don't have a car? Or if you do, so what if it doesn't have 'spinner' rims, or a shiney paint job and leather seats?

I own an '89 red Ford Ranger. It's old, it's faded, it doesn't run all that great. [pretty good for it's age I must say though] The worst part is the stereo sounds horrible. It carckles, turns up really loud if you bump the volume control and clicks when I put in a CASSETTE TAPE. But I still drive around like I am the best. I snub my nose at the primp & fluff blondies in their suped-up sports cars and nice systems. Chances are Mommy and Daddy bought it for them or they had to suck a lot of cock to get the money to afford it. My boyfriend, Mikey, and I both drive vehicles that were once owned by our grandparents. Handed down to us. Old, very used and not so pretty. And we both work damn hard to keep them running. And both of us act like we own the road. And as we should. I like my truck b/c it's mine and I worked for it. Mike loves his car b/c whatever he's done to it he's worked really hard to do.

It's just so pathetic that little girls are being spoon-fed this rubbish everday of their lives. Much Music, Magazines, TV shows ...... Everywhere they turn.

So here's what I want anyone who reads this to do. Tell me ... "Does your life suck?" And if you can actually define that statement and answer that question with a yes ... tell me how.

And then I will turn around and delete you from my list b/c you obviously are so infulenced and brainwashed by the media and you have no self esteem to the point where you not only take in all this bullshit ... you actually believe it.

My something that makes me happy for today:

~ Driving with the windows down playing music everyone else hates.
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