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Hey guys, sorry i haven't posted in a while, i've been a bit distracted.
Anyway we have a bunch of news about Gob, some good, some bad.


that's right kids! we are presently writing a new record that we aim to record sometime in the next few months. not much to say about it now, i don't want to go letting the cat out of the bag or anything.

more news.
again, most of you are already aware of this. due to artistic differences, craig wood is no longer part of gob, he will now strum his guitar for avril lavigne.
sad, but true.
we will go ahead and make our record as a 3 piece. for those that don't understand how a record is made, don't worry! there will definitely be bass on the record. it just wont be played by craig. if we find the right person by the time we record the record, they may play on it or maybe we'll get, i don't know, sid vicious, or the guy from the replacements or maybe jaco pastorius. i hear that dead guys play better. one thing i know for sure, no matter how you slice it, this record will have the best foofoo'n bass EVER on a gob record.
anyway, good luck to craig.
in the meantime, our good friend john franco will be playing bass at our live shows. being that he is the star vocalist for the band byathread, he is overqualified for a bass only position but maybe we can get him to do some italian opera singing at our shows. anyway, it's great have him aboard.
we did a show at mount tremblant this past weekend and it was awesome. we are concentrating on writing a record so we aren't playing many shows but we do have a couple in whistler later in the month so get your asses out to rock with us..."

That was posted by Tom in Gob's blog, at gobfans.com

and now for some tour dates:
Wed, Apr 21 - Whistler - Moe Joes (bar show)
Thu, Apr 22 - Whistler - Village Stage (outdoor/all ages event)
Sat, Jul 3 - Newfoundland show--details tba.

So if you're anywhere near those areas make sure to head out there and see Gob (and John Franco).

and here are some Avril tour dates:
Sun, Apr 25 - Derry-Londonderry - Prehen Playing Fields
Fri, Jun 4 - Germany - Rock Im Park/Rock Am Ring
Sun, Jun 6 - Germany - Rock Im Park/Rock Am Ring
Thu, June 10 - Portugal - Super Bock Super Rock
Sat, Jun 12 - Vienna - Aerodrome
Sun, June 20 - Italy - Heineken Jammin
Sat, Aug 7 - Tokyo - Tokyo Marine Stadium & Messe

So if you're near any of those places, head out to the show and give your support to Craig.

PS. Here's a pic of Craig, Avril, and the rest of her band.
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