J3N (jenefef) wrote in gobfans,

What's A Geek?

I never really understood the term 'geek'. I was called one all throughout my days in school, mostly elementary. But to me, I neve really understood what it meant.

What brings all this up? Standing at work the other day, when it was really slow, I glanced over at the magazine rack at the end of my till [as I tend to do a lot when it's slow] only to see this weeks TV Guide's headlines in BIG PINK LETTERS: [what's with all these shitty headlines being pink?]


From my understanding, being a 'geek' means you don't have the latest fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories, you don't have the right colour hair, you don't have tons of money and you are therefor left to be friends with .... yourself, which doesn't ever help your case any. People pick on you, they remind you of how ugly you are and make your journey's home after school a living nightmare. This is speaking from experience of course ...

So what about the OC makes being a 'geek' hot? If SETH COHEN is the 'geek' they speak of, then TECHNICALLY, he isn't a geek. He has pretty clothes, he has tons of money [I mean, his house has a POOL house ... Most people I know don't have one of those] he is surrounded by friends .... He didn't start out that way, you say? Well, he sure as hell hasn't changed from what I can see. What's different?

For BIG PINK letters to announce 'BEING A GEEK IS HOT' boggles my mind. I can't QUITE put my finger on what part of that statement exactly enfuriates me ... But I find it insulting, rude, intimidating ... and it all comes back to letting tv and media run our lives.

Fuck that.

Is anyone ever allowed to just BE THEMSELVES anymore? Why do we always have to be in on WHAT'S HOT AND WHAT'S NOT?!?! Who decides these things anyway? Who sits down at a desk and says 'I think I'll blow my millions of dollars I earn doing nothing but crushing the little guy, when really I could be doing something better with it, and make people feel awful about themselves b/c it makes ME more money, A ha ha ha ha!' Sick.

It's just wrong on so many levels, I can't even begin to explain how much that headline enrarged me.

Everyday, especially at work, I see little girls, yes LITTLE GIRLS, that are no older than 10-12 years old walking around like they are the 'hot shit' or 'tha bomb' and looking like little trampy-assed whores. They classify it as 'looking good' when really they are just scared, impressionable brats who know shit all. I want to smack them for acting this way, their parents too for allowing it to happen! 'It's just a phase, she'll grow out of it' ... Sorry there Mommy dear, but no she won't. She'll grow up thinking it's okay to behave like a slut to get attention. Parents don't spend time with their KIDS anymore. They just plop 'em down infront of the tube and go off to do their own thing. Children aren't raised by parents anymore. They are raised by machiens, computers ... and we all knew one day it would happen. Well folks it has. And what are we gonna do about it?


Because it's just easier that way.

Well shame on all of us.
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